Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So. Updates on weightlifting club:
Last Thursday was a great day. We pulled snatches off the block and I added about 35lbs to my PR so I was stoked. I was surprised at how easy it was for me. This whole time I was terrified of going to heavy with snatches because of my wicked loose shoulders. They pop out of socket pretty easily and its not a fun feeling when it happens.

Update from the weekend:
Went up to my parents' house in New Hampshire! It was so relaxing. AND I bought myself a motorcycle...super fucking excited. Just waiting to hear back about the inspection and if all is well then it is all mine :-)

Didn't eat as horribly as I normally do when I'm up there. I got a salad instead of a giant pizza or pasta dish when we went out to dinner. Didn't buy many snacks to munch on all day. Plus, my mom and I bought ben and jerrys to share and it wasn't even gone by the time I left. And me actually leaving knowing there was still some left was a huge accomplishment. Usually I binge the day I leave to finish all the yummy snacks. Even left some chips behind!

Yesterdays lifting sesh was a bit off. We did full snatches from the ground and I wasn't feeling as strong as I did on Thursday. I got up to 105 and my shoulder was feeling a bit tweaked.

Hardest part of the workout? The warm up. He made us jump over benches. This girl was not made to be in the air. It was sad how long it took to convince myself to do it. So sad.

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  1. Good work Amanda! That's awesome all around.