Wednesday, May 22, 2013


All. Day. I. Dream. About. Snatches.

That could come off as pretty perverted, depending on your level of maturity. Mine is at about a 3 out of 10 so it made me chuckle.

But anyway...

Last night we had a max weight night of snatches. I PR'd...not by much...but I'll take it. I still need some work on my form. I have an issue with not opening up my hips all the way. I think if I got that part down, I would be unstoppable. I get way too anxious about dropping under the bar and getting to that squat that I just bypass that whole important step of hip extension.

You can see how my form differs a bit from the others.

Tonight I am assuming...and hoping...that we will be getting a break from snatches. I do miss my clean and jerks.

Also have to point out how much I love my weightlifting crew. We have been having so much fun together. Dancing to old classics, making fun of other coaches and so on. I am going to be unbelievably sad when these 6 weeks are up.

Monday, May 20, 2013

I dont care, I love it.

That song is super annoying but the chorus works just perfectly for this post.

So this weekend was full of moments that really opened my eyes to what I want for my life.

It all started with one little comment from a friend on Friday night. I was at my buddy Pete’s grad party and bent over to grab the hula-hoop (yeah, we’re fucking cool kids) and complained about my back hurting. At that point, my friend asked me if it was from ‘doing those lifts that aren’t real lifts’. The comment bugged me for the rest of the night. I was offended but eventually let it go. And by eventually, I mean as of just today.
This leads me to the growing skepticism of Crossfit as a whole-- So many people are quick to judge this sport. It’s ‘cool’ to hate on Crossfit now that so many people are into it. Someone sees one video of some dude about to rip his back apart or blow out his knee and suddenly we're all lumped into the same "we act better than everyone even though we don't know what the fuck we're doing" category together. I get shit for it, my friends get shit for it, and random bloggers I follow get shit for it. Yes, the lingo is totally ridiculous. Yes, we have gyms full of douche bags who totally throw form to the side in the name of a PR. Yes, we have obnoxious fashion trends. But so does every other gym in the entire world.

There is no such thing as a perfect workout or a perfect gym or a perfect sport. But I finally found something that I love and something that I have stuck with for almost 3 solid years. I’m really starting to get fed up with having to defend it all the time. But you know what? You do you, booboo. And I’ll do me. 
Today I am no longer concerned about what others think about it. If I get shit for it again, I’m just going to let it roll off my back. I know that I have great form. I know that I get my ass handed to me in workouts and love every second of it. I know that my gym is full of incredibly knowledgeable trainers. I know that I am in the best shape of my life. And that is all I need.
I want to be on that Crossfit Games podium. After being at the regionals yesterday, I want it even more. I am sure as hell not going to let anyone or any negative comments stop me either.

*drops the mic* #hatersgonnahate

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So. Updates on weightlifting club:
Last Thursday was a great day. We pulled snatches off the block and I added about 35lbs to my PR so I was stoked. I was surprised at how easy it was for me. This whole time I was terrified of going to heavy with snatches because of my wicked loose shoulders. They pop out of socket pretty easily and its not a fun feeling when it happens.

Update from the weekend:
Went up to my parents' house in New Hampshire! It was so relaxing. AND I bought myself a motorcycle...super fucking excited. Just waiting to hear back about the inspection and if all is well then it is all mine :-)

Didn't eat as horribly as I normally do when I'm up there. I got a salad instead of a giant pizza or pasta dish when we went out to dinner. Didn't buy many snacks to munch on all day. Plus, my mom and I bought ben and jerrys to share and it wasn't even gone by the time I left. And me actually leaving knowing there was still some left was a huge accomplishment. Usually I binge the day I leave to finish all the yummy snacks. Even left some chips behind!

Yesterdays lifting sesh was a bit off. We did full snatches from the ground and I wasn't feeling as strong as I did on Thursday. I got up to 105 and my shoulder was feeling a bit tweaked.

Hardest part of the workout? The warm up. He made us jump over benches. This girl was not made to be in the air. It was sad how long it took to convince myself to do it. So sad.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weighlifting club

I've been patiently waiting for weightlifting club to start ever since Jay posted a picture about it months ago. MONTHS! Okay, maybe not that long ago...but it sure felt like it.

There are only 4 of us. 10 people signed up. And only 4 of us showed up. People's commitments are kind of sad. (I really have no right to talk...I give up on shit pretty easily)

Speaking of giving up on things-- that whole 5k every weekend is out the window. Why? Two reasons. A) It was getting expensive. $20-$35 a race doesn't sound too horrible, but doing it every week was starting to get to me. I could be saving that money for other things. Like gas. Groceries. A motorcycle. B). Now that weightlifting club has started, Coach Ryan has suggested we stray away from long distances and stick to short but fast interval work. We need to be saving our legs for the lifts.

Crossfit Endurance workouts it is! Just like I had planned. I'm so ahead of the times.

My thumbs are killing me. These new callouses are not fun. By the end of the 6 weeks, I wont be surprised if I fall asleep with my fingers in the hook grip.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Conversation with my grandparents this weekend:

Grandpa: "You remind me of this girl that plays for the UConn Huskies"
Grandma: "No, Van. Those women are 6'3-6'4". She's not that tall!"
Grandpa: "No, I'm talking about the heavy set one that plays center!"

Thanks Pops..thanks.

Had a total fail of a weekend. 

It all started on Friday. The Super Duper Weenie truck came to my work and provided us with lunch. I had a hot dog covered in chili, onions and cheese. Plus a bacon cheeseburger. Plus a side of fries. Then dinner, my boyfriend and I went to Pepe's in New Haven. Bacon pizza.

Saturday was just as bad. Had leftover pizza for brunch, a fruit salad and then for dinner I went to On The Border. I probably went through an entire bowl of chips and salsa on my own. Throw in a margarita and a giant taco salad...and, well, my stomach was about ready to walk out of my body and flip me off.

Sunday started out with breakfast at Whole Foods, a salad for lunch and chipotle for dinner. My roommate also bought a fancy margarita maker so I had three of those.

Happy Cinco de Fatty. 

I am so ashamed and mad at myself. I need to be back to strict paleo (plus sweet potato and some rice--cant lift heavy and consistently without it). If I let myself to have 'just a piece' then it just blows out of control. It's all or nothing for me, unfortunately.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, yeah. That was last night's workout.

It took me all day to talk myself into going last night. I finally settled on going with the possibility of doing the Fitness workout instead (no running involved but still a great looking workout). Throughout the whole warm up, I couldn't decide if I should suck it up and do the workout or be a wimp and find an excuse to take the easy way out.

Well, I sucked it up. I told myself that it would be over before I knew it. That all I wanted to get was at least 3 rounds (Coach Migs said to aim for 5 rounds, but in my head I didn't think it was possible for me)

I came back from my 5th round of 400m before the clock ran out...after thinking I was barely going to be able to do 3. I need more confidence in myself. I don't give myself enough credit.

The whole time, I was on auto-pilot. I don't remember thinking about anything. I just remember being out there running and then being finished.

Coach Migs came up to me afterwards and gave a me a solid fish bump; something that has become quite the routine when he coaches the class I take. We talked about how much we both don't like running and he said to me "people like us aren't made to run, we're made to lift some heavy shit!". I say this about myself all the time, so it was nice not to feel so alone about it.

Although, I have to say...I'm hoping that with the Crossfit Endurance training I will be doing, that one day I will be a lot better at running.